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KK Sogard


I do not take the product myself, but my dog does. She has these amazing treats for pets, and they did wonders for my dog! He’s pretty old, so he has some aches and pains. But after we gave him some after four days I saw an improvement. My dog even ‘ran’ (walked with immense speed) and even fought our other dog. Not only that, but he seems happier. They’re amazing!

Mike M.


I've bought gummies, mint oil, and beezwax from Jamie, and I've bought gummies elsewhere, and I can absolutely say that the gummies she sells are soooooooo much better! The mint oil is fantastic as well!

Carolyn R.


I have only had one dose but something interesting happened. My feet and legs are always moving, so I sat down to watch a movie and I thought something is different. I realized my feet and legs were still and when I went to bed it was amazing not to be moving. If this only did this one thing for me I'd be happy. Can't wait to see the results in one month.
Sincerely A new customer !!!