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Succulent Quick Care Guide

Succulent Quick Care Guide

Care instructions for your Succulent



Check Soil after receiving your succulent.

Water ASAP if soil is very very dry.   DO not water if soil is wet or moist 

Give your succulent 2-4 hours of sunlight/light every single day.  DO NOT exceed, to much sunlight will burn/dry leaves. 

Signs of stretching/growing tall at a fast rate means they need more light.   This is called etiolation and can only be stopped if given more light. 

Burned leaves/scabs on leaves means they need less sunlight.  DO NOT leave them in full/direct sunlight for hours, this will burn their leaves. Succulent like shade as well. 

Water when the soil looks or feels very dry.   You can dig your finger into the soil if you'd like to tell. 

DO NOT overwater, this will cause root rot!  Leaves will start dropping and the succulent will look unhealthy if it has root rot! 

Give water to your succulent if it has dry or wrinkled leaves.  If you do not water your succulents they will get dehydrated. Dry/Wrinkled leaves are signs of dehydration.